Dec 27, 2008

West Newton, Pennsylvania

While visiting family for the holidays, I decided to take a quick ride through West Newton, PA. The town resides in Westmoreland County and PA-136 is the main road that will take you into town. For those curious people out there who want to check out this great Western Pennsylvanian town next time you are in the area, it is easily accessable from I-70.

I am sorry to say that even though I lived about 10 miles away from West Newton for most of my life, I have spent very little time there. If you look at a map, or even take a drive through town without taking a close look, it is easy to see why one might overlook this small town. With the exception of the Youghiogheny River Trail, there seems to be very little going on here.

The most stiking feature for me is the West Newton Bridge. As you can see in the picture below, the truss bridge was constructed in 1907, making it attractive to history buffs and roadgeeks alike.



In addition to the bridge, there is some great old architecture along Main Street (PA-136). Some of the best examples I found in my brief stay in West Newton (I would have stayed longer if it was warmer than 10 degrees) were 2 banks that are right across from each other.




Finally, I would like to share a brief video that I shot while driving through West Newton.

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  1. I like how you managed to "time" the lights perfectly!